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RSA Policy

House Policy on Responsible Service of Alcohol

*  Recognises that it is against the law to serve or supply alcohol to any person under the age of 18.

*  Recognises that it is against the law to serve any patron intoxicated.

*  Seeks to ensure that no harm comes to patrons as a result of our service of alcohol.

The following policies and procedures have been adopted to ensure the responsible service of alcohol;


a) No more than four alcoholic drinks sold at a time.                                                 

b) A range of non alcoholic and low alcohol beverages are offered on the premises.     

c) Hawkesbury Race Club Limited does not seek to encourage rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol, therefore no shots will be supplied.  

d) Hawkesbury Race Club Limited seeks to promote a safe, friendly and clean environment for all patrons.

e) No stockpiling more than two drinks.

2. High Risk trading periods and functions;

a) After Race 5 no more than two alcoholic drinks sold at a time.

b) In function rooms after 4.00pm no more than two  alcoholic drinks sold at a time.

3. Underage drinking

a) If a staff member believes that a patron ordering or drinking alcohol is under 18 years of age, they will politely request appropriate identification of proof of age (drivers licence or proof of age card).

b) If the patron cannot or refuses to produce identification, the staff member will notify the Manager. The Manager will politely refuse service of alcohol and ask the patron to leave the premises

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